Our Past Clients & Results

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Visual Net Design San Antonio 

VND Improved 1.2M in 12 Months with Oneighty.io

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Brand Creation & Digital Sales Strategies & Automation

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Moving Medical to Technology IKare implemented Telemedicine, & grew their brand  

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La Altura Pediatrics

La Altura wanted to grow awareness and achieve growth through digital

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Washington Mutual Bank

Process Improvement Audit and Compliance

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The Scooter Store

Digital Sales & Marketing

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DriveTime Car Sales

Digital Sales & CRM

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Cobalt Truck Equipment

CRM & Sales

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Armando Montelongo A&E Flip This House

Sales Process & Digital

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Nissan of Boerne

Sales Processes & Internet Sales 

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Alamo City Film Festival

Marketing & Branding

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Trinity Library Resources

Digital Sales, Marketing & Automation

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Niagara Chocolate Company

Marketing, Sales, Branding

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Amy's Fine Jewelry

Marketing, Branding, Sales

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You First Services

Digital Sales processes

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Sale& Marketing

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Digital Sales & Marketing

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Go To Market Strategy & Operations

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Go to Market & Operations

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Digital Sales Transformation

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Logo - Graphics - Branding

Oneighty.Io Promo Video

Video Marketing Sample

To Increase sales you need to be top of mind, video is a great way to catch the attention of your audience, tell stories and engage. 

Logo Animation Sample

Intro & Outro for Video's and Commercials

This is a Demo a reel for a medical practice we worked with. this video was a sample of all the intro's and outro's before designing finished commercials and YouTube videos

Tell Your Story

Beyond the Canvas Promo Video

This video was created to showcase a south Texas body painting group https://beyondthecanvas.org/

Client Reviews & Testimonials 

The best reward is a happy client. Thank you to all that have been advocates.

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I absolutely am amazed at the high level of professional expertise and knowledge in the Consulting manufacturing area. They gave me great infrastructure recommendations and business architecture design.

Rodney Kidd


Blake’s diverse management experience allows him to excel in strategic initiatives. He is a talented leader who is able to motivate and empower others to do their best in all aspects of business. Blake has a promising future in consumer and business services. His uncompromising moral compass will serve him well in current and all future endeavors. I'm very pleased to have met Blake, and I will gladly provide a formal recommendation upon request.

Jose Hernandez


Thank You Blake Lemoi & Oneighty.io for the tremendous growth with my website and social media. I appreciate you sharing your expertise and bring more traffic and sales to my business Jaclyn A Artisan Chocolate these results were in just a few days!

jaclyn Krajewski


Oneighty.io and Blake LeMoi are Digital Genius's. Experts in Growth Strategies, and business process. 

Chris Schunk


Industry Thought Leaders. Sales growth through digital. No just a marketing agency a sales and operations expert.

Richard Hamilton


5 Stars - Digital, Technology and Operations. Oneighty.io drives data driven decisions that result in growth.

Matthew Weigand


Blake is a bright professional. I had the pleasure of working with Blake when he worked for Washington Mutual. Blake is very goal oriented and focused individual who is capable of working independently as well as a team player. He is committed to his work. Blake is a great colleague who I enjoyed working with. His professionalism and team-first approach make him a great person.

Dipak K L Mehta


Blake was a good person and manager. His team liked him and he always seemed very engaged with them. I very rarely helped him or his team if IT related items as they did not need it, Blake could and did fix them himself.

Alan Quigley


Blake is a true business professional that has a customer focused mindset. He was able to take a customers business requirements and successfully translate that into actionable security specifications that met both the customers needs and stringent government and banking regulations. A great professional to work with!

Kevin Rankin


Blake is a talented individual, who is able to meet targets on time and support the business bottom line. Blake has a way of listening to everyone's needs and finding a way of developing a solution that works for everyone. I appreciate the time Blake and I worked together. I wish him much success in his future endeavors. Be well.

JJ (Dollarhide) Godwin, MBA


As one of Blake’s colleagues at The SCOOTER Store, I was able to see his dedication and determination to do his best in everything. His job required him to be different, to be unique and to be the best he could be. There was always creativity and sense of uniqueness in his work outputs and he managed to stay a top performer. He is a team player with great drive and would make a great asset to any organization.

Brenda (Herber) Horner


Blake possesses a keen eye for assessing operational risks and implementing meaningful controls and mitigation techniques. Blake is a team player, shares best practices with his co-workers and goes above and beyond to ensure divisional goals are achieved.

Susan Moomjean


Blake did an excellent job of repairing my PC when I had a hard drive crash. He was able to replace and install several hardware items that were not functioning correctly and he was able to install all the drivers necessary for everything to work together. His attention-to-detail, quality of workmanship, and competitive pricing would bring me back again. I recommend that you give him a try if you need any IT hardware/software work done.

Mark Peters


Blake has a world of knowledge working with different applications. His communication meant a lot whenever assistance was needed for a better understanding . His leadership enabled him to be able to manage and work with others as a team player and provide direction and structure.

Leslie Spofford


An honest, straightforward person who routinely goes above and beyond all expectations. I have recommended him and his service to others in the past, and will gladly do so in future.

Bill McClendon


I've known Blake for 15+ years and have recommended his services to most of my friends and family.

Dave Hawkinson


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