Employee Experience

Learn Why Empowering Your Company With Real Time VOE (Voice of Employee) Drives Better Business Performance. Engage, Optimize & Enable Your Employees With The Tools To Better Serve Your Customers. Flexible Configurations. Automated Delivery. Unsurpassed Scalability.

Asking for feedback at each key milestone helps organizations to understand how they're supporting their employees to be successful, and where they need to do more. ... When done well, it helps new starters reach their full potential faster and keeps them at the organization for longer.

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Beyond HR

Importance of Employee Experience

Companies are realizing that employees really are their best asset – and they're only as good as the talent they can retain. A positive employee experience makes it easier for companies to attract top talent in a competitive market place

Employee engagement programs:

Brand & business alignment
Culture change
Sales enablement and training

Customer experience Recruitment & employer brand

Employee engagement services:

Change Management

Employee Wellness

Employer Branding

Leadership Development Programs

Engagement Measurement tools and implementation Strategy

Communications strategy

Content development: white papers, eBooks, info-graphics, blog posts (internal), social posts (intranet),

Short-form video production

Long-form video production

Virtual & augmented reality (VR & AR)

User generated content

Persona development Employee engagement

Competitive intelligence Measurement

If you neglect your employees’ experience, you do so at your own peril.

Your employees' experience will impact everything from your company culture to your bottom line.

We’re passionate believers in the power of building brands from the inside out, and align employees and partners with business and brand ambitions. A few stats…

When organizations successfully engage their customers and their employees, they experience a 240% boost in performance related business outcomes. ($300B loss in productivity annually)

The number of HR and business leaders who cited engagement as being “very important” doubled from 26% to 50%

Only 12% of HR and business leaders have a program in place to define and build a strong culture

87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work Companies with highly engage workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.

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Successful organizations rely on a strong organizational culture, one part of which is an engaged workforce to drive performance. And now, more than ever, organizations must tailor their culture by developing talent management strategies that are based on their employees’ specific needs. Lets Talk!

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